Monday, June 22, 2009


Financial Coaches Help Cancer Patients At Dana-Farber

During this tough economy, the financial burden on cancer patients can be especially trying. Balancing everyday expenses with care-related costs and, for some, income loss, can result in significant financial stress.

Recognizing these challenges, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has teamed up with the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts to offer free, individual financial coaching services to its patients and their caregivers. It is one of the nation's first such programs.

"Financial planners can provide invaluable assistance with budgeting, debt management, estate planning, and insurance, but the cost of these services can be out of the question for people who are already maxed out," says Deborah Hoffman, associate director of Dana-Farber's Shapiro Center for Patients and Families and coordinator of the new program...

eMaxHealth: Financial Coaches Help Cancer Patients At Dana-Farber

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