Monday, June 15, 2009


Georgia: Oxendine donors previously used controversial tactics

The Rome, Ga.-based companies at the center of controversial campaign donations to Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine’s campaign for governor have funneled money to other campaigns and political organizations using the same methods, records show.

Twice before, insurance companies headed by Rome businessman Delos “Dee” Yancey III made payments to 10 Alabama political action committees connected to friend and business partner Donald V. Watkins. The PACs then made large contributions in Georgia and Alabama.

In 2006, State Mutual and subsidiaries made payments to the Birmingham-based PACs. The PACs — all with low balances at the beginning of 2006 — then donated a combined total of $190,000 to the Georgia Republican Party. In 2007, a company led by Yancey made another set of payments to the PACs. This time the PACs paid as much as $90,000 to then-Birmingham Mayor Bernard Kincaid’s re-election campaign...

AJC: Oxendine donors previously used controversial tactics

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