Friday, June 26, 2009


How to Check Your Financial Health for Free

Americans looking to figure out just where they stand financially don’t necessarily need to hire a pricey financial planner -- not when there are a slew of no-cost financial planning software models that give you the financial equivalent of a health check-up and a prescription for what to do next.

A caveat though … we're simply talking the basics here. For any complicated personal financial planning moves, like crafting an estate plan, allocating investment assets, or handling an inheritance, using a savvy financial professional is still the best way to go.

But to give yourself a financial check-up and to see where you are on the path to your long-term financial goals, there’s a fairly abundant menu of online, financial planning software options that can get the job done for free.

Sites like CNN Money, Financial Engines, or eFinPLAN all offer free financial health “check-ups”(the latter costs $98 per year, but you can do the financial check-up and then cancel the subscription)...

Main Street: How to Check Your Financial Health for Free

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