Monday, August 24, 2009


CSC Opens Business-to-Business Social Networking Community to Life Insurance and Annuity Clients

WikonnecT Grows to 8,000 Users from Nearly 700 Insurance Companies Interacting Across More Than 100 Communities

CSC (NYSE: CSC) today announced it is broadening participation in WikonnecT, a business-to-business social networking site using the latest Web 2.0 technology, to include its life insurance and annuity clients...

...WikonnecT runs on a Sun Microsystems infrastructure and includes blogs, polls and a feature to keep clients informed on new software products and developments. Users can rate and provide feedback on CSC solutions, prioritize improvements and interact directly with CSC developers to reduce the cycle time for enhancements or responses to requests. WikonnecT is also designed to assist insurance carriers seeking peer-to-peer advice on how to best implement and support their CSC systems, and it can serve as a source of information for carriers undergoing a request-for-proposal process.

PRNewsWire: CSC Opens B2B Social Networking Site to Life & Annuity Clients

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