Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Evening Education: Credit Cards Chargeoffs, Trustcash, TARP, Euro

Credit Card Charge-Offs Increase - calculatedriskblog
Trustcash Completes Testing of Money Transfer Technology - money.cnn
Tables Turn on the Euro - online.wsj

Lewie Ranieri wants to fix the mortgage mess - Dec. 9, 2009 - money.cnn
Determine What To Charge as a Consultant - businessweek
Ratigan Dissects TARP Repayments - zerohedge

For Second Time In A Row, One Month Bill Auction Closes At 0.000% - zerohedge
Fannie Freddie May Need Another $400 Billion Taxpayer Assistance - globaleconomicanalysis
Holiday Cheer From The Obama Administration: The 12 Months Of Default - zerohedge

What's in a financial advisory firm's name? - investmentnews
Citi, Goldman and Morgan chiefs no-shows at White House meet - investmentnews
Is Barney About To Spoil The Banker Party (Retail Banks Discount Window Access)? - zerohedge

Roth IRAs: To convert, or not to convert? New tech helps answer the question - investmentnews
Wholesale prices rise more than expected in November - Dec. 15, 2009 - money.cnn
The Secret Language of Money - tipd

Futures Fall; Fed Meeting Eyed - online.wsj
Macmillan to Sell Enhanced E-Books - online.wsj
Adviser groups blow tops over House bill's 'hat-switching' clause - investmentnews

How Cons Steal Your ATM Card - consumerist
Why This Speculative Investment Could Ruin Your Savings - fool
The Fed will hike rates -- in 2011 - money.cnn

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