Friday, December 18, 2009


Lunch Linkage: Tiger Woods, Saab, TIPS, Credit Cards...

GM's Saab brand to wind down - money.cnn
The European AIG: How Moody's Downgrade Of Greece Can Start The Avalanche - zerohedge
How Tiger Woods Bribed National Enquirer To Quash Early Sex-Scandal Story - businessinsider

TIPS Derived Expected Inflation: About 2% - mjperry
Interactive: Life cycle of a delinquent credit card account - foxbusiness
Hedge fund trade group bans reporters from big conference - investmentnews

Scaling Up: Women-Owned Businesses Can Recharge The Global Economy - forbes
U.S. Hurting in Wallet -- and Spirit - online.wsj
36 states reporting declining unemployment - Dec. 18, 2009 - money.cnn

Unemployment Fell in Most US States in November - cnbc
Fannie, Freddie suspend evictions for holidays - marketwatch
Six More Months of Carry Trade: Roubini - cnbc

Have you seen M3 lately? - ritholtz
Euro-area banks may see $269 billion in write-offs - marketwatch
Cramer Defends His Citi Call, Says He "Has No Idea Really How Citi Is Doing" - zerohedge

Gold futures dip on tension between Iran and Iraq - marketwatch
The Economist: The Recession Was Nothing, Here Comes The Real Pain - businessinsider
Little-Known Government Agency Says Everything Is A-OK - dealbreaker

Bonus Watch '09: Morgan Stanley - dealbreaker
SIPC's legal tab for Madoff liquidation now up to $37M -- and counting - investmentnews
LA Area Port Traffic in November - calculatedriskblog

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