Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Breakfast Briefing Econ Edition: FHA Loan Requirements Make It Harder To Get Mortgage... Unfinished CRE Projects Weigh on Banks...

FHA loan requirements will make it harder to get mortgage - money.cnn
Democrats Aim to Pass Health Bill in Case of Mass. Seat Loss - online.wsj
Unfinished Real-Estate Projects Weigh on Banks - online.wsj
Not Your Mother's Workforce - forbes
White House Preparing Fiscal Task Force - foxbusiness

New York Fed Told AIG To "Stand Down" On All Counterparty Discussions - zerohedge
FHA To Boost Insurance Premiums to Cushion Defaults - cnbc
Taxes and Business Creation - angrybear
Job anxiety threatens any home-building recovery - marketwatch
More Intentional Media Misdirection (Wall Street) -

Unions ask for "Universal Jobs Guarantee" Guaranteed Employment - globaleconomicanalysis
Gee, More Duplicity (Is Someone's Nomination In Trouble?) -
Is Silver The New Gold? - zerohedge
Steve Keen on Banking Secrets and Fed Transparency - globaleconomicanalysis
AIA: Architecture Billings Index Shows Contraction in December - calculatedriskblog

The Anti-Fed Fact Sheet - ritholtz
The Double Dip In Builder Confidence Is Here - zerohedge
Credit Ignoring Equity Rally - zerohedge
Surprise! S&P Futures Heading South After Scott Brown Victory - businessinsider
Citi: We Lost $7.6 B, But On The Bright Side, We Fired 100,000 People - consumerist

Dick Bove: Bank Tax Is 'Expropriation Venezuela-Style' - dealbreaker
Bill Gross's $200 Billion Fund Flees U.S. Bonds Into Foreign Assets - businessinsider
Screw the Bank? By All Means - minyanville

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