Friday, January 22, 2010


Breakfast Briefing Econ Edition: Business Blunders of the Year... Jobless Claims Rise... Wealth Distribution in the U.S... Two Real Estate Bubbles...

Initial jobless claims unexpectedly rise -
Is the recession dating committee preparing for a double dip? - creditwritedowns
Wealth Distribution in the United States - businesspundit
Meredith Corporation F2Q10 (Qtr End 12/31/09) Earnings Call Transcript - seekingalpha
Big Banks Have Already Figured Out The Loophole In Obama's New Rules - businessinsider

China and the U.S.: A Tale of Two Real Estate Bubbles - seekingalpha
Banks Paying Property Taxes and more on Short Sale Fraud - calculatedriskblog
Business Blunders of the Year - bnet
GE profit falls, but beats Street - Jan. 22, 2010 - money.cnn
Philly Fed Index Shows Expansion in January - calculatedriskblog

Rents Fall to 3 1/2 Year Low in Orange County - calculatedriskblog
More on Falling Apartment Rents and Rising Vacancy Rates - calculatedriskblog
The Volcker Rule & AIG: It's Not About Prop Trading - zerohedge
Loan modification? Good luck with that Realty Q&A - marketwatch
Are 20.7 Billion Reasons Enough For Goldman To Continue Being A Bank Holding Company? - zerohedge

Obama Proposes new Bank Rules on Size and Trading - calculatedriskblog
Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Update: Week Of January 21 - $2.3 Trillion - Rolling Record Highs - zerohedge
WSJ Jumps the Shark - ritholtz
Barney Frank Backpedals On Why His Proposed Reform Was Thorougly Trampled By Obama - zerohedge
Policy Pivot on Banks Followed Months of Wrangling - online.wsj

Claims data, seasonal distortions but hiring still punk - ritholtz
Goldman Sachs Appears To Have Been Quasi-Worried About Earnings Reactions - dealbreaker
NBER Intrigue - ritholtz
Senator Kaufman Endorses Prop Trading Ban, 99 Other Senators Have No Idea What Prop Trading Is - zerohedge
On Incident Patterns Of Fed MBS Purchases And OpEx Expirations - zerohedge

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