Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Breakfast Briefing: Hotel-REIT, Dodd, Strip Mall Vacancy, GMAC...

Internet Advertising Ready To Take More Money Away From Newspapers - businessinsider
Macklowe Moves to Regain Drake; Blackstone Buys In on a REIT - online.wsj
MarketWatch Calls Out Fed To Disprove It Is Manipulating Index Futures - zerohedge
The State of the Gift Card Economy - businesspundit
Reis: Strip Mall Vacancy Rate Hits 10.6%, Highest on Record - calculatedriskblog

Hotel-REIT Rally Faces Headwinds in 2010 - online.wsj
Pimco's Gross on Fed MBS Purchases - calculatedriskblog
Futures Slip Ahead of ADP Report - foxbusiness
Time for Fed to disprove PPT conspiracy theory MarketWatch First Take - marketwatch
Cavuto: Hush-Hush Meetings on Health Care - foxbusiness

Fund flows firm suggests government bought stocks - marketwatch
GMAC Q4 Loss Comes At $5 Billion A Week After Taxpayers "Acquire" The Defunct Company - zerohedge
How The Housing Bubble Destroyed Our Future - businessinsider
How The Government Payroll Replaced Goods-Producing Jobs - businessinsider
REITs Look to Return to Retail Roots - online.wsj

Don't try to time the market - Jan. 6, 2010 - money.cnn
Nations Don't Trade With Each Other; Individuals Do - mjperry
Buffalo's debt collectors accused of bullying -
Don't Even Try To Sell Your Home Now - consumerist
This Is Going To Be A Barnburner Of A Recovery: 2X Bigger Than Experts Predict - mjperry

Record Unemployment - ritholtz
Lord Abbett offers discounts on new IRAs - investmentnews
Investors Real Estate Trust Announces 2009 Distribution Allocation - money.cnn
Rockefeller Foundation's push toward design and innovation - businessweek
From The Chris Dodd Press Release: "I will be leaving to pursue other opportunities as..." - zerohedge

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