Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Econ Briefing: 5 million more foreclosures; Shadow inventory; More CRE Gloom; Capital One Says Credit-Card Delinquincies Rose...

Coming Soon: 5 Million More Foreclosures - ritholtz
Foreign demand for Teasury securities falls -
Obama to create fiscal commission to consider debt solutions - money.cnn
White House: Pace of Recovery Act spending to pick up - money.cnn
Shadow Inventory Of Troubled Mortgages - ritholtz

More gloom ahead in commercial real estate Outside the Box - marketwatch
Google Seeks to Ease Wireless Tensions - online.wsj
Failure of Liberal Governance - online.wsj
Krugman Says Inflation Is The Answer - globaleconomicanalysis
Gasparino: The Sellout - ritholtz

Hyperinflation As A Debt Repudiation Device? - zerohedge
Hussman Follow-Up On The Great $1.5 Trillion Unlegislated GSE Bail Out - zerohedge
Why Credit Matters to Employment and Sales - businessweek
Update: Texas vs. the Unionocracy of California - mjperry
Gold May Advance as Weaker Dollar Increases Investment Demand - businessweek

Capital One Says Credit-Card Delinquencies Rose in January - foxbusiness
Three Major Companies Quit Climate Change Coalition - foxbusiness
Distressed Sales: Sacramento as an Example - calculatedriskblog
Capital One Credit Card Charge-Offs Increase to 10.41% - calculatedriskblog
Bank of America Sues to Force Stuyvesant Town Foreclosure, Sale - businessweek

IL Pension Fund $61 Billion Underwater; State Borrows Money For 2010; CA $20 Billion in Hole Again - globaleconomicanalysis

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