Monday, February 22, 2010


International Briefing: Soros on the Doomed Euro; Debt Haunts Europe; Carbon Tax Could Save the World; Italy a Bigger Threat Than Greece...

Soros: Even if You Save Greece, The Euro Is Doomed - businessinsider
Debt Deals Haunt Europe; Investors Re-Examine Complex Financial Maneuvers Used to Hide Borrowings - online.wsj
A Simple Carbon Tax Would Cost Only $2.50 A Gallon And Could Save The World - businessinsider
Italy a Bigger Threat to EU than Greece; Italian Derivatives Draw Scrutiny... - globaleconomicanalysis
Fonciere Des Regions Reports Loss as Real-Estate Values Fall - businessweek

Greek (Dis)Information Update: No Greek Bond Offering This Week - zerohedge
Recreating Mercantilism In Europe, Europe's Deflationary Torture, And The L-Shaped Recession - zerohedge
Sun Hung Kai Wins Hong Kong's First Land Auction of the Year - businessweek
Climate Change and Open Science - online.wsj
Oil rises above $80 for first time in over a month Futures Movers - marketwatch

The Swedish banking crisis response or the bailout hustle? - creditwritedowns
Greece Gives EU 'Partial' Response on Swaps - online.wsj
Will AIG Force The US To Bail Out Greece? - businessinsider
Futures Traders Piling In To Crush The Euro, Becoming More Bearish Than Ever - businessinsider
Toyota Bragged About Saving $100 Million With 2007 Floormat Recall - consumerist

The Depression is Already Here for Some Members of Europe, and It Just Might Be Contagious! - zerohedge
Asian shares surge, as exporters boost Japan - marketwatch
Japan rallies as exporters, shippers advance - marketwatch
Thailand Economy Exits Yearlong Recession on Exports - businessweek

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