Monday, March 01, 2010


4th Annual Life Insurance-Linked Investments Conference

With the worst of the economic downturn behind us, we are ushering in a new era in the capital markets. This era, driven by more cautious investors, will emphasize transparency, simplicity and low-risk, high-yield structures. The old ways of conducting business in the life insurance-linked investments market have already been cast aside, and players on all sides will have to continue evolving their practices to remain viable market participants.

This fourth annual conference will bring together top executives to address the most pressing challenges confronting the insurance industry. Specifically, attendees will discuss the difficulties with securing funding for A/XXX requirements, including an examination of new, innovative structures likely to be seen in 2010. The conference will also focus on developments around a variety of life insurance-linked investment products, including life settlements, variable annuities, synthetic derivatives, longevity instruments and extreme mortality cat bonds. By examining best practices around creating and trading these deals, hearing what investors are looking for, and learning about improved rating agency methodologies, attendees will leave the conference with a clear understanding of how to approach the life insurance-linked investments market in 2010 and beyond...

HedgeWeek: 4th Annual Life Insurance-Linked Investments

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