Thursday, March 04, 2010


Breakfast Briefing: National Flood Insurance Program extended; Employment for Adult Males at Record Lows; Paul Ryan v. the President...

National Flood Insurance Program extended to March 28 - ifawebnews
Employment for Adult Males is at Record Lows - ritholtz
Paul Ryan v. the President - online.wsj
Boston Bridal Show Was Massive Scam That Duped Over 6,000 Victims - consumerist
Greece Cuts, Germany says "no aid", IMF Next? - calculatedriskblog

The Federal Reserve Explains... The Federal Reserve In One Easy, Retard-Accessible Video - zerohedge
Insurance companies criticized as Obama calls for final vote on reform - ifawebnews
Oops: Moody's Puts National Bank Of Greece (And Four Other Banks) On Downgrade Review - zerohedge
Court upholds branch office manager's win against Hilliard - investmentnews
Fed's Beige Book: Continued expansion, but snowstorms held back activity - calculatedriskblog

Interest rates fall as 59.9% APR credit card goes away - foxbusiness
Fed's Lockhart: Incoming Data lines up with Modest Recovery Scenario - calculatedriskblog
Paul D. Ryan: Dissecting the Real Cost of ObamaCare - online.wsj
Obama Calls for Simple Majority Vote on Health Care - cnbc
MedPAC to U.S. Congress: Reduce Government Payments to Medicare Advantage Plans - insurancenewsnet

Do Accelerated Tax Refunds Explain Year-To-Date Consumer Strength And Record Low Government Tax Withholdings? - zerohedge
EU Debt Crisis - Greece Wants EU Assurance to Cut Borrowing Costs - cnbc
Abridged Basel II Impact On CDS, Synthetics And Specific Bank Names - zerohedge
Read it here first: St. Louis Fed Tracks Nascent Expansion - ritholtz
European Shares to Fall Ahead Rate Decisions - online.wsj

Embarrassed ASPPA apologize to members who got unsolicited solicitation - investmentnews
Evil Empire 2? Republicans' Secret Plan To Capitalize On Fear Of US Conversion To Socialism - zerohedge
PIIGS Come To Market: Greece With €5 Billion In Ten Year Notes, Spain With €4.5 Billion Five Year Bond - zerohedge
Protecting their hearts: 6 questions to get your clients thinking about critical illness insurance - Critical Illness - Life Insurance Selling - lifeinsuranceselling
Make Markets Be Markets - ritholtz

Fed Interest Rates: Fed Defend Their Role as Regulator, Reiterate Low Rates - cnbc
A Sign of Spring in Housing? - cnbc
Government keeps urging big banks to lend more - Mar. 3, 2010 - money.cnn
New York's Andrew Cuomo Is 'Father of the Subprime Crisis', Dangerous to NY: Bove - cnbc
Presidential Reunion: Consumer Financial Protection Agency - ritholtz

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