Thursday, March 04, 2010


Feds Encourage Annuities

The federal government's ostensible plan to begin selling annuities to both corporations and their employees through company-sponsored retirement plans has raised many concerns in the HR community.

The federal government seems ready to start "selling" annuity policies to American companies and their employees. The Departments of Labor and Treasury have asked for industry comment in an under-noticed "request for information" issued on Feb. 2 on how they can encourage employers to offer annuities to workers mostly with defined-contribution pension plans.

The concern -- especially after the 2008 market slide -- is that retirees are leaving the workforce with pensions that will be depleted before the end of their lives. Annuities, which both employers and employees have long turned their noses up at, are seen as a solution.

The RFI has produced some consternation in the business community, which is worried that the Obama administration might issue some sort of mandate, or de facto mandate, with regard to the inclusion of annuities in pension offerings...

HRE Online: Feds Encourage Annuities

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