Thursday, April 15, 2010


Annuity Issuers Slowly Enter The Digital Age

Recent innovations in the online account opening process and document delivery mark a positive step forward for the annuity industry.

It is no secret that annuity issuers have trailed the rest of the financial services industry in terms of online account opening and management functionalities. The inefficient nature of the annuity account opening process is legendary, as is the lack of online transactional capabilities. Login security has also been a longstanding shortcoming that we've touched on in earlier articles.

Over the last two months, several firms have rolled out promising advancements that may signal a change in how the annuity industry values online capabilities. The two most important innovations come from AXA Equitable and ING. Both aim to cut costs while improving the user experience...

Retirement Income Journal: Annuity Issuers Slowly Enter The Digital Age

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