Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Meet NFL's big daddy

When I first meet with the man everyone in NFL circles knows as "Big Daddy", he's seated in the back corner of Bull & Bear, a swanky midtown Manhattan hotel lounge lush with silver haired finance types and cougars dressed to the nines. In preparing for the NFL Draft, I'd been told by countless players get to know the guy that protects them .

Sprawled across a leather couch, the 6'5, 340-pound presence waves me over as he finishes what appears to be a casual conversation on his Blackberry... Richard "Big Daddy" Salgado carries an old school Vito Corleone aura everywhere he goes. An imposing figure, the man who once protected Neil O'Donnell's blind side at Maryland isn't exactly a warm and cuddly teddy bear. But in his industry, he can't be. He's a realist because it's his livelihood.

And yet, he's not a bodyguard. He's not a security guy.

Nope, he's an insurance agent...

Fox News: Meet NFL's big daddy

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