Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Advisors Expanding Retirement Income Offerings, Survey Finds

Polarized attitudes toward annuities remain; more focus on risk

A new survey further confirms the growth opportunity for advisors from focusing on retirement income products and strategies. However, the report also notes heightened concern among brokers and RIAs with managing investment risk for investors.

The Continued Evolution of Retirement Income Delivery: An Analysis of Leading Practices in Advisor Support was released Tuesday, June 1, from consulting and research firms GDC Research and Practical Perspectives. It finds that 63% of advisors have experienced net growth in the past year in serving retirement income clients. Advisors are also finding baby boomer clients receptive to consolidating relationships. Moreover,while 91% of advisors believe they have the abilities to effectively serve new retirees, practitioners across channels are increasingly wary of how to manage investment risk for retirement income clients...

Investment Advisor: Advisors Expanding Retirement Income Offerings, Survey Finds

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